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Education. Everybody. 

Everybody has a right to a high-quality education. Every person who walks in our buildings should feel safe and welcome, from students to employees to volunteers.  Leander ISD is a fast-growing district and as such, there are more challenges to providing the learning, programs, and facilities to ensure that our school community's needs are met. It is our collective responsibility to build upon The Leander Way so that everyone's current and future experiences with us are productive and positive.

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Give a more prominent voice to our educators. Without amazing teachers, transportation, cafeteria staff, and more, our kids cannot receive a high-quality education.

Give a more prominent voice to our students.  It is their education and they've demonstrated that they are capable of letting us know what they need to make it more successful.  LISD students are thoughtful, smart, and driven, and they should have a seat at the table.



Work to ensure equitable educational access for all students in order to reach each child where they are. It is well-documented that kids learn better when they feel safe and supported, and LISD can do this by providing necessary access to resources that will improve special services, mental health needs, and general classroom needs.



Prioritize + Partner.

Return our district focus to prioritize education and foster a more balanced and respectful partnership with families and communities.  Our outreach needs to be expanded dramatically.  There are too many people that are not aware of the programs and services, and we need to make sure that our communities are receiving accurate information about District issues.  We can be utilizing social media more, making sure we are reaching those who don't have access to internet, and holding town halls to talk directly with people.  This will improve our relationships because it increases transparency and allows for more accurate feedback.

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